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math (Version of March. 30. 2000, 51 Kbytes ASCII)

LARGE NUMBERS:   (10^n means that 10 is raised to the n'th power) 
10^4          One "myriad". The largest numbers, the Greeks were considering.
10^5          The largest number considered by the Romans.
10^10         The age of our universe in years.
10^22         Distance to our neighbor galaxy Andromeda in meters.
10^23         Number of atoms in two gram Carbon (Avogadro).
10^26         Size of universe in meters.
10^41         Mass of our home galaxy "milky way" in kg.
10^51         Archimedes's estimate of number of sand grains in universe.
10^52         Mass of our universe in kg.
10^80         The number of atoms in our universe.
10^100        One "googol". (Name coined by 9 year old nephew of E. Kasner).
10^153        Number mentioned in a myth about Buddha.
10^155        Size of ninth Fermat number (factored in 1990).
10^(10^6)     Size of large prime number (Mersenne number, Nov 1996).
10^(10^7)     Years, ape needs to write "hound of Baskerville" (random typing).
10^(10^(33))  Inverse is chance that a can of beer tips by quantum fluctuation.
10^(10^(42))  Inverse is probability that a mouse survives on sun for a week.
10^(10^{51))  Inverse is chance to find yourself on Mars (quantum fluctuations)
10^(10^(100)) One "Gogoolplex", Decimal expansion can not exist in universe.  
                          -- from R.E. Crandall, Scient. Amer., Feb. 1997