fortune math

This CGI script has called the fortune file math. which is maintained at this cite . Push reload on your browser to generate a new fortune . Download fortune file
math (Version of March. 30. 2000, 51 Kbytes ASCII)

You have hit a fortune from the fortune collection   'math'
containing mathematical fortune entries. Latest update: June 6 2001
This fortune got started in October 1999 and is maintained in
The file contains mathematical quotations, jokes, annectotes,
even some mathematical results with short proofs.
To install this file: 
1) 'strfile math'   produces a file 'math.dat' .
2) Copy both files 'math' and 'math.dat' into '/usr/share/games/fortunes'
or wherever your fortune program keeps the fortunes. You might check 
first, if not a newer version of this file or an other file named
'math' already resides there. The 'fortune' program itself is usually in 
'/usr/games/fortune'. If you are not system administrator, put the files
'math' and 'math.dat' into a private directory like for example '~/lib' 
and replace 'fortune math' by 'fortune ~/lib/math'. 
Examples to use this fortune: 
  fortune math             random entries from this file
  fortune -m PI=           PI with 100 digits
  fortune -m E=            E  with 100 digits
  fortune -m Mandelbrot    Mandelbrot set (generated with pbmtoascii)  
You might want to erase this first entry of the fortune before
Every problem in the calculus of variations has a solution, provided
the word solution is suitably understood. 
                -- David Hilbert