Pro Memoria:
J. Moser (1928-1999)
Software: kal program promo
ipfw2dshield, - dshield submission script for FreeBSD by Frank Josellis
kal, - calendar program by Frank Josellis
moonphase, - add-on to kal by Frank Josellis
chirikov - explore phase space of toral maps
bezier - exports LaTeX bezier figures
Topics in the calculus of variations by J. Moser, ETH 1988, (german and english)
math - a fortune file
zwicky's dream (sci-fi)
Mathematics Links
nonlinear coupled chain Driven pendulum
periodically driven pendulum Driven pendulum
fermi acceleration Fermi system
vlasov billiards Fermi system
vortex-dynamics Vortex dynamics
3body problem Three body problem
billiard Birkhoff billiards
Wojtkowski system Wojtkowski system Wojtkowski system Wojtkowski system
Coupled chain Driven pendulum Fermi acceleration Fermi (older) Vlasov billiards Stoermer problem
Vortex system Three body problem Sinai billiard Birkhoff billiard Wojtkowski system Inverted Pendulum
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